Feng shui is a great way to decorate your house. It really does make a difference. The meaning is wind and water. Two essentials for life. Feng shui helps you position and design your home in harmony with the principles of nature and energy. A few hints for the art of placement:

-Always position your desk so you are looking at the door. ( No backs to the door.)

-Dark sheets may help you sleep better.... verses bright white. Keep your bedroom cozy for resting.

-Bright paint colors only in the active living area. Blue's are great for bathrooms ( due to water).

-Keep the kitchen bright .

-Keep the bedroom walls dark with maybe a touch of a lighter color on one wall.

-Chimes are great anywhere in your home/office to bring a peacefulness.

Make sure you take the time to have fun with your decorating skills. You will see a difference.